About Stress

There are three main factors that affect bodily performance, these are categorized as physical stress, chemical stress and emotion stress:

Physical stress is defined as; stress exerted on the body that is greater than the body’s internal resistance. For example: a fall, accident or strain.

Chemical stress relates to poor nutrition and exposure to pollutants that cause an internal imbalance such as drug taking, even over medication.

Emotional stress is mental stress, often caused from everyday demands that create tension and anxiety.

Chiropractic claims no magical cure; it merely allows the body to heal itself. As a crinkled hose straightens to allow water to flow smoothly, so does the body’s ability to produce a self-healing energy that maintains itself. Consider that within the space of only 9 months a single cell multiplies to produce a newborn baby comprising 100 trillion cells.

The spinal cord contains 13 million cells alone that transmit electro chemical signals to all the organs. Our brain contains over 100 billion neuron cells communicating with the body at 320kmph, while the heart beats 10,000 liters of blood within a 24-hour period (Raymond, 2003. cited in Mertz, 2003:79,80).

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