straightcolPosture Test


Participant stands with feet shoulder width apart and toes parallel then closes eyes and nods head back and forth twice bringing head back to middle. Keep eyes closed for ten seconds while observer checks shoulder and hip levels.
Observer stands facing participant and lightly places index fingers on top of participant’s shoulders, noting which shoulder is higher. Then place index fingers on top of participant’s hips and not which hip is higher.


Important: If one of these areas is positive, there is a high likelihood that a subluxation may exist but can only be confirmed with a proper chiropractic exam.

What is your next step?

If you are a current patient to our office, bring your findings to our clinic on your next visit and allow Dr Les or Jodie to correlate the result.
If you are not yet a patient in our office, then call us today and we will be happy to assist you in scheduling a complimentary consultation to discuss your and your families health concerns. Many health problems stem from an unhealthy nervous system, which is why it is vital to regain and maintain optimal spinal health. We look forward to serving you.

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